Freshmate Range

Specially designed AUTOFRESH AIR DISPENSER incorporates a single or double D-cell battery micro-motor fan system. With continuous operation or variable intermittent ON/OFF controller and automatic light sensor switch that silently circulates the natural fragrances throughout the room. This feature extends the optimum service of each 40ml sachet refill that lasts up to 60 days for most usage situations. A refillable wick cartidge is provided with AUTOFRESH AIR DISPENSER. 

Environmentally-safe, organic oil fragrances that combine natural organic scents and odor neutralizing ingredients from essential oils of flowers, fruits and plants. FRESHMATE organic oil fragrances are available in 40ml sachet for refilling when wick cartridge is empty. 

FRESHMATE offers a choice of natural organic oil fragrances to neutralize a wide range of malodors including tobacco smoke, garbage containers, vegetable and cooking fat odors. The ingredients function effectively by complexing or neutralizing specific molecules and reducing their concentration on a vapor phase. 

FRESHMATE Organic Air Freshener System is most ideal for home use especially in bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting rooms. Likewise for commercial applications at reception areas, hallways, washrooms and guests room in the hotels, restaurants, healthcare centers, sport clubs and whenever a clean and natural refreshing environment is desired. 


Fragrances available: Mountain Fresh, Mountain Lemon, Mountain Lime & Mountain Melon 

Standard Packing: 1 refillable wick cartridge with 6 x 40ml sachets per box