Bio Tabs Range

Australian Patent Application No: 2012900355,
2011901331. Australian Design Registration No: 336453, 336454, 336455. International (PCT) Patent Application No. PCT/AU2012/000353

Save Water! No Odors and Clog-Free with Calfarme BIO TABS®

  • A Revolutionary All-in-one Urinal Deodorizer, Drain Maintainer and Air Freshener for Green and Sustainable Washroom TodaySingapore Green Label Certificate

  • Designed for maintenance of ultra-low water flushing and waterless urinals including urinal troughs that eliminate water wastage and reduces sewer.

  • Convert flushing urinals into waterless fixtures instantly. For waterless urinals, BIO TABS® eliminate odors and pipe clogging, extend usage of waterless urinal cartridge that require regular replacement and saves maintenance costs.

  • Formulated to dissolve slowly, releasing the biologically active ingredients that break down organic wastes and a refreshing scent which helps to maintain a 24 hours clean, fresh-smelling & clog-free urinal.

  • Problem-causing ammoniacal compounds in urine are completely and efficiently broken down by Urease, one of the enzymes produced by BIO TABS®.

  • Guaranteed to last 30,000 users/cycles or more per urinal with 0.5 liter per flush Tested by TUV, PSB Singapore

  • Each BIO TABS® could derive water saving ranging from 40 Tons to 60 Tons volume of water per urinal without flushing > Verified by the independent experts at Alternative Technology Association (ATA) of Australia | more information 

  • BIO TABS® contains the same kind of bacteria blend that should be added to septic and sewerage systems.