Automatic Sanitary Bins Range

Touch-Free! Hygienic & Safe Disposal with Calfarme Automatic Bins

  • No contacts, completely hygienic . 

  • Convenient, detachable modesty tray provides larger opening of lid.

  • Lowers your carbon footprint, reduce litter, landfills and marine trash.

  • 100% degradable bin liner degrade in a landfill site leaving no harmful residues. 

  • Bio-organic Gel control odors & flies up to 30 days. 

  • Eliminate washing, no water and polluting cleaning chemicals . 

  • Easy to service, no cleaning and transportation required.

  • Free-standing or wall mounted designed for convenient cleaning of floor

  • Stainless Steel Wall-hung bracket and carry handle available (optional)

  • Dark Grey, Light Grey & White colors (Yellow color for Medical Waste Bin)

  • Singapore Green Label Certification No: 043-033